Vivien Meadows


2014-2018   Fine Art (BA Hons)                                Bath Spa University

2013-2014        B Tech Art and Design Foundation    City of Birmingham University


Group Exhibitions

July 2018                        Coda                              Oxo Bargehouse,  London

December 2017            Deck the Halls         Gallery 44AD         Bath

27th-30th July 2017        Stock                       Oxo Bargehouse,  London

June 2017                          Degree Show         Bath Spa University

28th Feb-March 4th         3rd Year Exhibition  Walcott Chapel   Bath

January 2016                    Tantamount A        Bath Spa University

2015                                  Here and Now      Gallery 44AD Bath


Upcoming exhibition   



Skills and experience

Drawing and Painting, collage, photography, with experience of using Photoshop and InDesign

Invigilator\Guide                                    Black Swan Gallery Frome


Other Relevant Experience

I had a lengthy career in an another field in middle management, this included responsibility for the promotional side of the work, supervising the promotional worker and being involved in issues such as marketing, and branding, addressing recruitment in multi-racial communities



I have practiced communication skills and am a practiced networker


I have leadership skills from previous working experience


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