CV                   Vivien Meadows


An artist with particular interest in conveying issues concerning boundaries, consciousness and  the human body


2014-current     Fine Art BA (Hons) BathSpa University

2013- 2014 Ed Excel Foundation in Art & Design Birmingham City  University- Distinction



July 2017 Stock Bathspa  Student Exhibition Bargehouse South Bank 

June 2017  Bathspa Degree Show

Feb 28th – March 4th 2017  ‘Run’  3rd year Student Exhibition Walcott Chapel Bath

March 2016 2nd year Open Studios

January 6th to 15th 2016 Tantamount A 2nd year exhibition

November 2015 Richard Long Masterclass presentation on media wall, my contribution as others

June 2015 Here and Now exhibition Gallery 44D 2015 Student Project exhibition

November 2014 Immediate Landscape exhibition individual students responded to the landscape around Bath College of Art and Design.

My tiny tent originally part of the above exhibition I developed as a stand-alone piece, its pitches included the summer spent in a Somerset village churchyard, and finally Newton Park campus.

October 2014 First term exhibition ‘New Beginnings’.

Participation in Academic workshop Clare Woods large scale painting February 2016  Huge impact on my practice


March 2016 I assisted with the Forced Walks Art Project commemorating the walk from Belsen concentration camp to the forced labour camp, by helping to facilitate  live mapping on the media Wall at Newton Park,  Bathspa University  as the walk  was undertaken by Lorna Weinstein and Richard White & others  in Germany.


Richard Long masterclass came about as a result of an application.



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