artists statement

My drawing explores  the experience of living in the aging female body.   Marks are of the utmost importance in this process.  Mark making with pencils, ink and pastels. What is it about mark making that so fascinates? I see lines, shapes, colours making representations of inner and outer worlds. Marks are the imprint of part of the body, the human hand. My drawing practice deals with the body whether by figurative image or evocative impression.

Working on resistant board or paper, differing surface. changing images becoming lighter, more ethereal, making suggestions rather than statements. Exploring physical and perceptual boundaries, sometimes a distorted image reflects the internal experience.

The topic of imperfection arose as I struggled to grasp practical tasks, broadened to include blemishes, so there is connectivity with skin. Humour arises, from the human condition and perversity. Feminism is a context surrounding the work.

I have arrived at a place where I explore internal worlds, the work is a trace of that experience.


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