It’s a complex issue about how much art to look at before it becomes overwhelming or whether it’s a better use of time to spend looking at one or 2 pieces of work in detail, but is guess it’s how it takes you.

I’ve just spent 2 days in London part with a group from university and part on my own. Usually when I’m with others I go round exhibition more speedily. This time it was reversed. Maybe it was the character of the exhibitions we visited together. First starting athe Tate modern artist rooms of Bruce Newman and the monumental Joseph Beys. Then the exhibition at Tate Britain Flesh so much Lucien Freud, Micheal Andrews gentle painting teacher his daughter to swim, Kossoff the swimming pool and the huge to my supervise Paula Rego. The luminosity of paint perhaps I’m asking my own question.

Then Wednesday starting the day in St. Paul’s cathedral communion,  under the eye of Bill Viola’s martyrs. Looking and experiencing. it was apparently the feast day of St Perpetua a female martyr featured on Thought for the Day yesterday. what more could  do than look and participate.


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