A couple of weeks ago I found Emile as the subject at the life drawing  attend on a fairly irregular basis, I drew him twice at the time and was particularly pleased with one of the results and posted it on fb. Emile is a familiar face living with others in the house next door. 

Since then I’ve come back to my reading of Margaret Davidson’s book Contemporary Drawing and read and thought about how I achieved this result with fluid material of charcoal, making dark and fluid  lines and marks, which of course smudge and trail, why I think something about the drawing conveys the personality, and why something so basic conveys so much. I’ve started to draw from the drawing again with more intention if you like. A smaller scale this time, maybe larger again next time? 


3 thoughts on “Intentionality 

  1. I got cut off..and I had more to say…As I continued to look at the drawing, I was trying to analyze, what is it that makes this so compelling? I like the organic feel, it’s grounded. It seems like it is a natural extension of the earth, a rock formation shaped by the wind and rain, weathered as if it has been there for ages.


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