pieces of work in between terms

dusky head 2016
Working on  pieces of paper following a suggestion at a tutorial near the end of term: tracing paper, harsh pastel paper , fragile tissue paper and whats next? I am experimenting with new ideas taking sections of earlier work within the range of the female body but just taking sections or part of the form, the head, even the creases, a leg or trunk. Using chalk pastel and pencil, and mixtures to convey impressions like this one. The 2 following are drawn on a lovely quality green tracing paper that seem transparent enough to reflect light, with pastels,  paint and crayon and are variations of earlier drawings of the aging body using lines to indicate skin. These appear to me to have more fragility than earlier work.

The fact they may indicate parts of the body underlines the impact visiting the Hauser and Wirth Somerset Louise Bourgeois exhibition had on how I move forward.


The lower works are both on tissue paper, clear conventional tissue  with lining of blue paper and something I cannot recall previously, black tissue paper. Both drawings show lines and I hope the paper reflects fragility and frustration of ageing skin. 


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