New place and making a studio?

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The last few weeks have been all about unpacking  & settling into my new home in Frome Somerset and now with assistance making a studio in my new home.

Can I believe that? Yes an artist, me.

So now the carpet is removed in the attic room, thank goodness I asked for help, removing transporting a carpet down 2 floors and dragging it out of the pedestrian area to the garage.

Apart from some life drawing I’ve not been doing new work, but did experiment with a pastel sketch yesterday morning, should have thought more about paper but I wanted to work on red again.

Some discovery of artists Eleanor Adair, really evocative for me

and reading discovered Dolan and Tincknell  ‘Ageing femininities Troubling representations’ O yes!



2 thoughts on “New place and making a studio?

  1. I was wondering how things were going for you. It is such a job unpacking and sorting everything and finding a place for it all isn’t it. Glad to hear that you are getting the studio organised as that will help you enormously on your course and for pursuing various items you come across. Will you be able to have a holiday during the summer or are you concentrating on the house?

    I am OK and am now able to walk the length of the High Street and back to Waitrose carpark without stopping for breath so am much better which is a good thing. I have been furiously knitting this last week of so as I am making a jersey for my youngest great nephew who has a birthday this next week and although I have been knitting all my life I could not believe the capacity to go wrong! However it is nearly done and I will be glad when it is!

    How about the politics Viv! You have to give it to the Tories for getting it sorted – if only the Labour party could do the same! How it will all turn out is anyone’s guess. Mrs May’s clean sweep is impressive and unexpected. All the old Etonian cabal is just gone except for Boris and she has put him where she can see him and it is now watch this space. The awful events in Nice have presented them with a huge challenge to face. France has had a real dose of Isis this last year hasn’t it and to what end is unclear except to create mayhem and pain for all the victims and their families.

    I am not sure about the artist you refer to on your blog. I thought her images were a cross between old master style and Francis Bacon and wasn’t quite sure what she was representing or exploring. What was it that inspired you?

    That’s all for now. Take care.

    lots of love,



  2. It’s very much Eleanor Ardair’s drawings that I like, I think not all of them but the ancient Venus and her association with archeology that I like or I find evocative, the distorted face I don’t like so much. Although I’m interested in Maria lassing’s work nf that is alongside Francis bacon in the Tate Liverpool exhibition. I had thought of getting there but not sure now. So although I had not associated the 2 perhaps there are links? Have you read the Guardian article by Rebecca Solnit yet? Gives a hopeful but realistic perspective on all sorts of crises. I read her field guide to getting lost earlier in the year. The creative possibilities of stepping outside your comport zone! I plan to go sculpting on Portland for another week, I hope a few days in London, not sure what else, it’s almost like being on holiday really farming town and beautiful countryside. Festival last week.


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