work for Project -response to Henry Moore

So far I have visited

Henry Moore Foundation website lots to do there

Collected books from Bathspa Library University and friends looking at images of Sculpture and Drawings

The idea came from Carol Wood’s large scale painting workshop when she commented Viv you have to  look at Henry Moore’s drawings!

Other inquiries

To a local mostly mining museum  here in Somerset  Radstock musuem.I have arranged to an afternoon’s drawing in their mining area, for me a response to Henry Moore’s mining drawings. Having discussed this with them  it is clear that this is my interest rather than theirs as a local history museum!

Looking at other related material

eg Radical artist Gustav Metzger Influences including an inspirational

encounter with Henry Moore.

note above photograph are Hands of Henry Moore  from article

Gustav Metzger: Influences

Frieze magazine March 19th 2016

My Influences gustav-metzger



One thought on “work for Project -response to Henry Moore

  1. Viv how wonderful spending time looking at Henry Moore work and all because you have to! An excellent choice of specialism. Enjoy it. Hope all the other work has been successfully completed. And the house purchase is going ahead smoothly for you.




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