British Art Show ( Leeds)

Uni trip to Leeds began with this show at Leeds art gallery.

Near the beginning of  following Charlotte Prodger’s video, Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Trace fiber from Freud’s couch with symbolic wonder colour, was next to a video of fibers from Freud’s couch, I may have seen the video before when visiting an exhibition at the Freud centre with modern inserts. in fact my take on the exhibtion was one of the accessible wonderful textiles including one constructed by Linder to feature references to the evil eye. imageAlso some exceptional video materiel including work by Philip Drew featuring scenes of geology and boiling mud . the spoken and written word features as art within several exhibits.

busy  galleries, with lots of interest and enthusiasm from both our trip and others going to watch and participate activities surrounding us including 2 art doctors in white coats

then after another visit the next day off to Katrina Palmer’s installation in the Henry Moore centre on a contracted station platform to bring a memorial of  a huge London burial ground outside the city where the coffins had a one way railway ticket, written material between fact and fiction.

then to Yorks sculpture park more anon





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