Visit to Oxford

I visited the Venetian drawing exhibition at the Ashmolean museum primarily to see contemporary artist Jenny Saville’s response to the drawings. She commented on the extraordinary draftsmanship of the originals. Difficult to emulate outside the world of Workshop apprenticeship of those days. The repetitive practice was for Jenny Saville part of some of her drawings showing 4 or 5 limbs and giving movement to her images, the picture itself become mobility. She had done this when responding to a drawing of Tintoretto, creating drawings of several legs constructing against each other.
Her drawings are not for the most part presenting classical bodies although she will use a classic figure ie a pregnant woman to emulate the Mother and Child presumably the Virgin Mary. Realism rather than classic proportions.
She builds up layer upon layer of drawing and then sometimes places a colour in this case red or blue into the lines. Presumably a painting becomes finished when it has sufficient layers but presumably can be started over  again.


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