In response to daily prompts I am an artist whose subject is ageing and how artists myself included deal with issues of ageing in their practice wrinkles and lines are part of the ageing process how do we represent these lines and folds in our skin how do we take our own experience of becoming … More Wrinkle


It’s a complex issue about how much art to look at before it becomes overwhelming or whether it’s a better use of time to spend looking at one or 2 pieces of work in detail, but is guess it’s how it takes you. I’ve just spent 2 days in London part with a group from … More Looking

New York

It’s  nearly 2 weeks since we returned from an amazing visit, that came out of the Blue. Friend Liz Smith had opportunity to sing as part of an international choir in Carnegie Hall, and her kind friends Revd’s Brenda Husson and Tom Faulkner offered accommodation to her and this unknown woman. What an opportunity for … More New York

Letting the light in!

Dissertation submitted following a really  very interesting process, of reading and researching on how the contemporary artist deals with ageing and how that influences their emerging image. i looked at a range of artists including painter Mira Schor photographer Rosy Martin  and a performance artist Suzanne Lacy.  I sense all i have done is begun a … More Letting the light in!

recent work

Traces of images and resistant surfaces experimenting with acyrilic, marble dust and the sand from Weymouth beach. Strong coloured ground with  chalk pastels disappearing and appearing again, hopefully creating some ethereal. continuing to work with lines.